Summer’s Length and Homework

Hello beautiful bloggers today I am going to rant about summer. Now of course, there is so much that summer has to offer. It’s perfect for vacations, tanning, going to the beach, and spending time with friends. It’s also great because it is a break away from school, but only sort of. I don’t know how all of your schools work but at my school, we get summer homework. I hate. Summer. Homework. The reason I look forward to summer every year is because there isn’t school and pressure and tons of tests and homework to do every day. And … Continue reading Summer’s Length and Homework

About the Blogger

Even though I am making this anonymous, I thought I could still tell you some fun facts about me. So here are 20 random facts about meh. Fav show:¬†Gossip Girl Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Color: Pink….if you couldn’t tell already Animal: Llama Videogame: Super Mario Bros (yes I actually like video games….. #gamerstatus) I truly am stuck on what else to write about myself OH. I’ve lived in multiple cities in two different states I have attended six different schools so far in my lifetime this is my favorite number, I don’t really know why, it just is. I hate … Continue reading About the Blogger

Hello world!

Hi everybody!!!!! (I am making this an anonymous blog just so that everyone can be real on here. To refer to me or talk to me, I will go by TB for teenblogger.) So basically, I wanted to be able to make a blog¬†that teenagers of all ages could come on to spill and talk about ANYTHING! I also want this to be a place where it can be run by you all reading this and I just type it away. So basically, any ideas or suggestions of what you want me to blog about and I will do it! … Continue reading Hello world!